July 10, 2016

Separation Anxiety

My dog has separation anxiety. We moved out about 2 months ago and she misses Sarge like crazy. I got her a cat Who I named Toothless 
He was free at the Humane Society. Front declawed (poor guy), neutered, good with dogs and kids. Eight years old and lived with the same family since he was born. Their elderly relative moved in and was allergic and their loss was our gain. Gracie is doing a bit better with him around. 

But today I got dressed for church and I think she knew I was leaving because she took up a door step vigil making sure I wouldn't leave without her. 
Unfortunately it didn't work because bringing my dog to worship with me would be both against the rules and highly distracting. The good thing is that every time I get home, she has nothing but love for me. And it's a nice light during a dark time. 

I miss Toby more than you can imagine, and this is how I cope. 

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  1. That last picture makes my heart melt and break all at the same time.