July 21, 2016

CTR Gummies

In my church we have an acronym we learn in Sunday School "CTR." It stands for "Choose The Right," and becomes a bit of a mantra, something we remember when we think about making a bad choice. When we are officially baptized at the age of 8, it's common practice to be gifted a CTR ring such as this one.
Everytime we see the ring, it's supposed to remind us to choose the right-make good choices. Well today I was at Deseret Book looking at candy because sometimes I do that at bookstores. They had these delightful little gummy candies that made me smile. 
That cute little saying from my childhood. 

I went to buy a bag of the candy, but bad news, they tasted terrible, terrible. I did however get nostalgic and remembered how glad I am that the grown-ups in my life taught me such powerful lessons about how to live while I was a child. And I felt a whimsical desire to buy myself a new CTR ring, because really, who couldn't use a little support in choosing the right? I know I could. 

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