July 10, 2016

Meditation is the new black

My anxious yoga doing friend Kristin was telling Janae and I after our last community action yoga about her therapy homework.  One month her therapist assigned her to meditate for ten minutes daily. It turns out that when anxious people get therapy homework, we kill it. We kill it because we want our therapists to like us and think we are the best therapy patients in all of time. Because anxiety. 

So Kristin did just that. She meditated for ten minutes a day for an entire month. It changed her life. That struck a chord with me. While I've always been an avid lover of savassanah at yoga, I have never been a regular mediatator. So I decided to give daily meditation a go. Turns out that there are multiple apps and guided meditations on iTunes and in the app store. I have been listening to a guided meditation each night while I fall asleep. I downloaded Buddhify app with multiple meditations for situations which I face every day-things like getting out of bed. 

And tonight the meditation will be for well being and weight loss. I often fall asleep. I don't mind. My journey into meditation means calming my mind and removing the unsettled feeling that often plagues those of us with anxiety. And if that means extra sleep, especially at first, then so be it. I forgive myself. Meditation is going to be a practice, like yoga with ups and downs, but there will be no rights or wrongs because all meditative time, will over weeks or months or years or whatever may come, bring me closer to the spirit and closer to living my life with daily intention. Namaste. 

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