July 27, 2016

Personal Assistant

I don't know how working moms do it. Or stay at home moms either actually. How do you all get so much done?? I feel like I need a personal assistant to help me do things like grocery shop and clean the litter box and remind me not to forget my medicine or my keys. Today is one of those get off at five and head straight out of town days. Except that I can't actually do that because prior to driving for 4 hours, I have to sleep. It's not optional. Especially because there is no DDP in my house because #quitcaffeine2016. So. Goodnight morning world. I'll wake up in a few hours, pick up my favorite dog from boarding and embark on a weekend adventure with my dog, my nieces and nephews, and my family. It will be lovely. But darn it I wish my personal assistant could clean my kitchen while I sleep and go buy food for the Friday family lunch. Maybe pack my clothes for me. I'm not picky.

One last thought for the night. Tonight was my last shift as Trauma Liz. It was bittersweet. So many dear friends. I've felt like work was like play because of how awesome the people I work with are. I also feel an insane amount of peace about the road I'm taking and the current trajectory of my life.

Also I didn't spell check because it's 0557 in the morning and it's bedtime. Please avert your judgment.

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