July 22, 2017

Legs up the wall

Put your legs up the wall if you're super good at matching workout clothes. Blue and green and pink and black and all of the patterns. 

July 18, 2017

Mental Game

Literally two minutes after I posted that, Goddess Glennon posted this on Insta. 

Let's do this. We can do the meditation for 45 minutes. We can do whatever the hard things are today. 

Lone Survivor and Surviving Meditation Class

I've been listening to the audiobook Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. He talks a ton about surviving SEAL training and specifically Hell Week by just focusing on the task in front of you, taking it one task, and one day, at a time. And I mean I know that's it's like really really physically demanding to become a SEAL but I keep thinking it's totally a mental game. So last night I head to meditation class ready to get my serene on like you wouldn't believe. It's all a mental game. LITERALLY. There is literally no physical aspect of meditation. And if Marcus Luttrell can make it through SEAL training, I can certainly make it through a 45 minute meditation class no problem, right?! False! 

Because, you guys, I forgot to take my watch off. And so when the time felt like it would never end, I was like I'll just take a quick little look at the time...WHAT?! IT'S ONLY BEEN 30 MINUTES?! And it was a downhill from there. I mean I made it to the end of the class, but I might as well have been in a torture session. 

You guys! Why is the mental game so hard sometimes?! I know that's the point of meditation class, to practice the mental game, but can't it be a little easier sometimes?!

Don't worry, I'm going back to class on Wednesday. Maybe this time I won't wear a watch? How do y'all conquer the mental game? 

July 10, 2017

Siri and Podcasts

My phone has a very nice medical vocabulary, Siri on the other hand is recalcitrant to education. I was trying to save a note from my emergency medicine podcast. "Does the murmur radiate to the carotids?" Siri was close, but not quite. 

Podcast recommendation for my ER peeps: EM Basic.