April 29, 2011

Amazing Happenstance

Some of you might know that I have about a million assignments due in the next few days. One of said assignments is a killer difficult paper for my evidence based practice class. So, here I am, Friday night 8:53 pm, working on said paper. I realize that I have about no time in which to do the paper, and I start to panic. The assignment is listed on my google calendar, which we all knows is the way I keep track of my whole life (see Freedom), as being due on Friday night at 11:59. At this point I decide to double check the online assignments folder and see this:

I wrote it in my planner due Friday at Midnight because I don't do homework on Sundays, but it was WRONG. Jesus loves me! And now my stress level has declined from about a 7.5 to about a 2. My life is amazing. 

April 25, 2011


In order to understand the basis for this post, you should first watch this video from 0:48-1:02.

This line is one that pops into my head every time I turn from University Parkway onto Freedom Boulevard thanks to one Brad Johnson. He, like me, loves Freedom (the boulevard, the line in the song, and the concept/human right). He, like me, will do everything in his power to drive on Freedom rather than Ave. [I didn't used to feel so strongly about Freedom until the summer I drove John's stick shift Toyota Tacoma truck. That summer I think I thought my car a). had a flat tire or b). was going to explode every time I got on Ave. (Interestingly enough, when I'm on my bike, I prefer Ave thanks to its nice wide shoulder, whereas, I'm afraid of dying on Freedom)].

Anyway, this week, FREEDOM has taken on a whole new meaning as I'm about to be out of school for the summer and only have two days of class all summer long. Freedom. Freedom. FREEDOM! See, it's even listed as an ongoing event on my google calendar:

Starting May 6, Freedom is something I intend to have a lot of.

Freedom, baseball, naps, and road trips.  

Did I mention I LOVE SUMMER?

April 18, 2011

Techna Glass and Scanners

Today I was at Techna Glass. Yes indeed, I broke my passenger side mirror off due to yet another "encounter" with one of the poles below The Avenues. (Bless my heart). Luckily, I found a really classy way to fix it until I could get to Techna Glass: 

Anyway, as I was sitting there in the waiting room, I picked up a magazine, and on the first page was this AT&T advertisement which I immediately fell in love with:

I asked Jon, the Techna Glass tech, (no pun intended) if I could make a copy of it. He said I could just take it. I liked it so much that I came home and did something I've put off doing for the last year: I learned how to use my scanner (by myself!). And here you have the happy result. Now isn't that good advertising? 

April 12, 2011

Stanford and Ninjas


Dear iGoogle, 
Thanks for allowing me to add gadgets to you at a rate of about 2 a year. I (almost) never, ever, look at you, but when I do, it always reminds me what I was excited about the last time I saw you. Today, I was surprised to see that you have a panel showing me the weather from Palo Alto, California, which, depending on the day, is a town I obsess about living in. Thanks for giving me an outlet for my whimsies.
                  Love,  Liz


Thanks Taylor Skinner for the link to this awesome t-shirt in my gmail early this morning. 

April 9, 2011

Kids and Baseball Make Me Happy (Individually and Collectively)

Sam and I went to the BYU baseball game on Thursday.
Just as we were arriving, it got delayed due to a lightening warning. As we were sitting under the white tent cover at Miller Field, it started to rain. The baseball team ran out to grab the plastic cover to shield the infield from the weather. A little boy behind us, maybe 4 or 5 years old asked:

But how will they see the bases?

People always wonder why they don't play baseball during the rain, and the little kiddo has a great point. They just can't see the bases through the tarp. And that's that. 

Baseball season is upon us. The time of hot dogs and relish, Sweet Caroline and Take Me Out to the Ballgame, foul balls and home runs. April to October. The time of nearly everything I live and love for. Big Time Timmy Jim has already K'd 13 in one game, and we're only 10 days in. Ah, happiness. 

         Dear Baseball, 
         Welcome back, babe. Welcome back.  
                                Love, Liz.