April 25, 2011


In order to understand the basis for this post, you should first watch this video from 0:48-1:02.

This line is one that pops into my head every time I turn from University Parkway onto Freedom Boulevard thanks to one Brad Johnson. He, like me, loves Freedom (the boulevard, the line in the song, and the concept/human right). He, like me, will do everything in his power to drive on Freedom rather than Ave. [I didn't used to feel so strongly about Freedom until the summer I drove John's stick shift Toyota Tacoma truck. That summer I think I thought my car a). had a flat tire or b). was going to explode every time I got on Ave. (Interestingly enough, when I'm on my bike, I prefer Ave thanks to its nice wide shoulder, whereas, I'm afraid of dying on Freedom)].

Anyway, this week, FREEDOM has taken on a whole new meaning as I'm about to be out of school for the summer and only have two days of class all summer long. Freedom. Freedom. FREEDOM! See, it's even listed as an ongoing event on my google calendar:

Starting May 6, Freedom is something I intend to have a lot of.

Freedom, baseball, naps, and road trips.  

Did I mention I LOVE SUMMER?


  1. You can come visit in Houston if you want. I'll feed you delicious ice cream.

  2. I love that it's an ongoing event on your google calendar. Love.

  3. You know what else is great about May 6th? We move to Provo for 8 weeks, and there are 2 BYU baseball games that weekend. I know, you can jump up and down now.