June 26, 2012

Always be classy. Never be crazy.

"One simple rule, ladies: Always be classy. Never be crazy. Actually, it's two simple rules, but trust me, you will never be sad you followed them." -Greg Behrendt

I've had this quote in my mind for a few weeks now. I agree so much with the idea that when something goes wrong, I don't need to, as Anjelah Johnson put it, "come out the house all crazy." I don't need to get revenge on everyone who has ever wronged me. As I work on my new life goal of communicating my feelings and opinions genuinely and unabrasively*, I think that it's helpful to keep this in mind. If I'm always classy while expressing the way I feel, when will I ever look back on my behavior with regret? I doubt I ever will.

So thanks, Greg Behrendt for the great advice.
Always be classy. Never be crazy.
I couldn't agree more.

*apparently unabrasively isn't a word, but shouldn't it be?

June 17, 2012

Here's Your Life. Do it.

Today we had a great lesson in Sunday school. We were talking about how to make decisions in our lives while being on the one hand independent doers of good and on the other reliant upon the Lord to provide us direction to guide us to where he wants us to be. One girl talked about her experience graduating from college and feeling sort of like she was being presented with:

"Here's your life. Do it."

This concept has been frequently on my mind. Two weeks ago, I decided I wanted to move, but didn't know where I wanted to go. At the same time, I wanted to visit Palo Alto before my birthday, but didn't know anyone I could stay or travel with. But here I am writing a blog post from Palo Alto where I am visiting my friend Jen. She told me to come visit during a late night chat where I told her I'd be moving in with some old roommates. This might sound like a series of happy coincidences, but I choose to view it rather as a series of events where God provided a way for me to accomplish the things that I wanted to do because, as is so often the case, they were the same things he wanted me to do. 

I moved to a new apartment. I came to California to visit. 

Because this is my life and he wants me to do it.

June 16, 2012

Talking in My Sleep

Last night, I crashed on Jen's couch. Another friend was crashed on the other couch. When we woke up, she said, "You talked in your sleep last night...You said, 'I look awesome in these flats.'"

Good job, sleeping Liz. Way to rock that positive self talk.

June 13, 2012

More on Traveling Light

Okay it's official. Aside from that crazy roommate that Landon and Jason once had, I'm pretty sure I'm the worst person ever to attempt the cause of packing light. If you remember, at the end of last summer I wrote a post about my girl Allison, who is, packing wise, my complete opposite. She moved all of her belongings to Georgia with one car load. Meanwhile, I'm headed to San Fran for a little five day jaunt, and I have packed an entire island.
I know it's a blurry pic, but I think it helps get my point across: When it comes to traveling light, I could take a lesson from Ms. Allison. However, if you want to swing by SkyHarbor anytime in the next 2 hours, you can bet you'll find me curled up in a blanket taking a little cat nap. A blanket that was previously conveniently packed in my not so travel light bag. So it could be worse. I'm just saying.

June 12, 2012

Everything is difficult and awesome.

I have nothing more to say about that title except that I didn't say it. Jason Good did.

June 9, 2012

For Emma

Do you ever get worried that you'll never listen to anything but the song "For Emma" by Bon Iver for the rest of your life?

June 7, 2012

On Moving

Sunday June 3, 2012       
11:15 am: I start thinking about moving

Monday June 4, 2012      
1: 18 pm: Text to Amanda, "...wanna just trade houses?"
8:43 pm: Text from Amanda, "ok, let's do it. Let's switch houses :)"

Tuesday June 5, 2012      
8:35 pm: I officially decide to do it.

Wednesday June 6, 2012 
9:30 pm-11:45 pm: Laura, Sara, Nathan, Jeff, Nattalie and I move my stuff to the new apartment. 

Thursday June 7, 2012     
9:30 pm: I'm 100% moved in. 

And sometimes that's how it goes down. 

I'm grateful for the times when God helps my life to work out when I urgently want it to. 

June 2, 2012

To all of you (James) who thought it was silly that I kept a friendship bracelet kit in my trunk:

June 1, 2012

You Know You're a Nurse When (Part 7)

You open pieces of gum using sterile technique.

You Know You're a Nurse When (Part 6)

Every time you pull a staple out of a stack of papers, you find yourself looking for a sharps container.

Got the photo here.