June 7, 2012

On Moving

Sunday June 3, 2012       
11:15 am: I start thinking about moving

Monday June 4, 2012      
1: 18 pm: Text to Amanda, "...wanna just trade houses?"
8:43 pm: Text from Amanda, "ok, let's do it. Let's switch houses :)"

Tuesday June 5, 2012      
8:35 pm: I officially decide to do it.

Wednesday June 6, 2012 
9:30 pm-11:45 pm: Laura, Sara, Nathan, Jeff, Nattalie and I move my stuff to the new apartment. 

Thursday June 7, 2012     
9:30 pm: I'm 100% moved in. 

And sometimes that's how it goes down. 

I'm grateful for the times when God helps my life to work out when I urgently want it to. 

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