June 26, 2012

Always be classy. Never be crazy.

"One simple rule, ladies: Always be classy. Never be crazy. Actually, it's two simple rules, but trust me, you will never be sad you followed them." -Greg Behrendt

I've had this quote in my mind for a few weeks now. I agree so much with the idea that when something goes wrong, I don't need to, as Anjelah Johnson put it, "come out the house all crazy." I don't need to get revenge on everyone who has ever wronged me. As I work on my new life goal of communicating my feelings and opinions genuinely and unabrasively*, I think that it's helpful to keep this in mind. If I'm always classy while expressing the way I feel, when will I ever look back on my behavior with regret? I doubt I ever will.

So thanks, Greg Behrendt for the great advice.
Always be classy. Never be crazy.
I couldn't agree more.

*apparently unabrasively isn't a word, but shouldn't it be?

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