June 17, 2012

Here's Your Life. Do it.

Today we had a great lesson in Sunday school. We were talking about how to make decisions in our lives while being on the one hand independent doers of good and on the other reliant upon the Lord to provide us direction to guide us to where he wants us to be. One girl talked about her experience graduating from college and feeling sort of like she was being presented with:

"Here's your life. Do it."

This concept has been frequently on my mind. Two weeks ago, I decided I wanted to move, but didn't know where I wanted to go. At the same time, I wanted to visit Palo Alto before my birthday, but didn't know anyone I could stay or travel with. But here I am writing a blog post from Palo Alto where I am visiting my friend Jen. She told me to come visit during a late night chat where I told her I'd be moving in with some old roommates. This might sound like a series of happy coincidences, but I choose to view it rather as a series of events where God provided a way for me to accomplish the things that I wanted to do because, as is so often the case, they were the same things he wanted me to do. 

I moved to a new apartment. I came to California to visit. 

Because this is my life and he wants me to do it.

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  1. You are awesome Liz! You should take advantage of every opportunity to go on an adventure! Looks like you had fun in California:)