April 9, 2011

Kids and Baseball Make Me Happy (Individually and Collectively)

Sam and I went to the BYU baseball game on Thursday.
Just as we were arriving, it got delayed due to a lightening warning. As we were sitting under the white tent cover at Miller Field, it started to rain. The baseball team ran out to grab the plastic cover to shield the infield from the weather. A little boy behind us, maybe 4 or 5 years old asked:

But how will they see the bases?

People always wonder why they don't play baseball during the rain, and the little kiddo has a great point. They just can't see the bases through the tarp. And that's that. 

Baseball season is upon us. The time of hot dogs and relish, Sweet Caroline and Take Me Out to the Ballgame, foul balls and home runs. April to October. The time of nearly everything I live and love for. Big Time Timmy Jim has already K'd 13 in one game, and we're only 10 days in. Ah, happiness. 

         Dear Baseball, 
         Welcome back, babe. Welcome back.  
                                Love, Liz. 

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