March 25, 2011

Dear Anything I Love About My Life

Dear Benjamin Gibbard,
Thanks for writing beautiful, evocative, lyrical, soul-catching music.

Dear Chlorine,
Thanks for not only protecting me from water bourne illness, but also for the way your smell is rekindled every time I wash my hands or put lotion on. I tried to wash you off, but instead you keep reminding me that I worked out today.

Dear The Scientist,
Thanks for not only being the best Coldplay song ever written, but also for having such a mind-blowing music video. How did they get it to go backwards while his mouth moves forward? As I said, mind-blowing, which is something I need a little more of in my life.

Dear Hug from Said Tall, Skinny Boy,
Thanks for being the first hug I got after I didn't get that job I wanted. Your unexpectedness and genuity kept me from crying in front of all those people.

(I'm aware that genuity isn't a word, but shouldn't it be?)

Dear Mustard Yellow Shoes,
Thank you for matching so many of my clothes. I appreciate that you are as versatile as black, but better because you match brown.


  1. dear liz,

    thank you for writing little letters to things, people, and intangibilities. it is a most wonderful activity that people are often too busy or practical to think of doing.


  2. genuity should be a word because it already has a cousin: ingenuity.

  3. You're right! According to
    1. Genuity: The real deal! Having genuine character. Sounds way better than genuineness.