October 22, 2012

Some Monday Night Thoughts

Ask me if I bought Taylor's new album today. 
You better believe it's love. Not that we're surprised. 

Also of note, 
The Giants advanced to the World Series when in 
some sort of karmic justice, 
bottom of the ninth, two outs.
Matt Holliday popped out to Marco Scutaro.

Matt had it coming to him after this most questionable play 
in which he violently over-slid into Scutaro.
Did anyone else have Buster Posey flashbacks
(That Buster video is fairly graphic and not to ruin 
the end or anything, but he breaks his leg, *gulp*) 
Unlike Buster, Scutaro was unharmed in the incident,
the Giants won the pennant, and Scutaro was named NLCS MVP,
so the karma balances out. Matt loses. In more ways than one.
(But just for the record, Matt is still my boy). 

And also, Giants vs. Tigers? 
I will, of course, be wearing black. 
Go Giants. 
(You're welcome, Dad). 

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  1. When you write stream of consciousness style like this, it just makes me miss you ... that's all.