October 21, 2012

Awkward Conversations (Part Two)

Unknown Person: This time of the year the weather is perfect, for a BONFIRE! This Thursday night 6:30, meet at...(details omitted as they are irrelevant to the story)
Me: Who is this?!
Unknown Person: That is a pretty demanding text, you wanna take that down a few notches?
Me: Omg. I like totally don't even know who this is...so can you like tell me or something? How's that? Or there's the standard: I got a new phone so I don't know who this is? route. Or, think I dropped my phone in the pool again. Who's this?
Unknown Person: Awful, but to avoid another text like that I'm just going to tell you who this is. [He told me his name, but I won't disclose it here] from the ward.
I had to look him up online but then I realized it was the kid from this story
Me: Okay, but in my defense, I never gave you my number and you did make fun of my bangs?
Him: I did not make fun of your bangs, I just pointed out how you were very conscious of them
Me: Oh right, you made fun of me but about my bangs :) totally different.

The end.

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  1. you should kick him in the face. or marry him. either way.