October 28, 2011

Curl Your Hair and Follow Your Heart

Our friend Anna's mom used to say, "Curl your hair and follow your heart."
Those of you who know me know that I'm not really one to curl my hair. Well, I take that back, sometimes I perm my hair, and every now and again, I use hot curlers to make my hair curly. The rest of the time, I rely on a complex hair braiding system to make my hair messy/wavy. But today, I took Anna's mom to heart. I hot curler'ed my hair and walked out the front door to head to the library. It was really sunny and my heart said, "Wouldn't you rather be biking?" So I walked back inside, put my curly hair in a ponytail, and went for an amazing ride. The wisdom of that decision can pretty much be summed up by the text I just sent to Jenn, "Short sleeved bike ride October 28. I love my life." Also, my hair may or may not look awesome now.

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