October 27, 2011


Text message from me to Sam: Baseball is the only stupid thing in life that I care about.

I sent this text after an amazing game 6 of the World Series where the Cardinals made an improbable comeback aided by Mr. David Freese (which has to be the coolest last name ever?).

Got this BP photo here
I realize it wasn't really that eloquent. Sort of like Scott Van Pelt's assertion earlier this year after arguably the best day ever in sports, "Sports are better than anything else, always." After I sent the text, I realized maybe I was being a little too hyperbolic, a little too superlative. (Sometimes I do that). And also, why did I use the word stupid? (Like I said, not that eloquent. Sometimes it happens).  But I got to thinking about all the "stupid" things in life that I love. Not stupid like annoying, but like things that don't actually matter that much. Things like biking, swimming, yoga, helicopters, clear skinny-mouthed Nalgene bottles, crunching on crushed ice, reading Malcolm Gladwell, the Top 25 Most Played songs on my iPod, wanting to bike to Heber, and changing my own bike tires. None of them are really all that important, but they are important because all the little things in life, the "stupid things," as it were, help make me who I am.

So, yeah.

Hi, I'm Liz, and I LOVE baseball.

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