October 9, 2011

Love This Video

I love this video, especially the part where Elder Holland says, "Brother David Johnson...rushed to the player's side. He shouted to coach and fellow ward member Rex Shaffer, 'I can't get a pulse. He's in cardiac arrest.' These two men, rather miraculously both trained emergency medical technicians, started a life-against-death effort in CPR." I love that whether through miracles (such as that provided through this priesthood blessing) or through extensive medical training (like these awesome EMTs), when God needs a life saved, He will make it happen using us, his servants, as tools to do it. We just have to be in tune and ready. Bring our A games, as Dr. Barlow calls it. Awesome. (I also love saving lives, just as a side note). You can find Elder Holland's full talk here.

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