August 12, 2016

Updates on Surgery and Such

Surgery this time has gone much better than the last. I spent the first night at home, cared for by everyone's favorite Grammy Helen. I've taken it much easier than the last time, taking the surgeon's word for it that I should remain on bedrest for the entire first week with my ice machine on 24/7. On crutches for a full month, whereas last time it was for only a week. Progressions made in the rehab process while this surgery continues to undergo adjustment based on research of what best aids in speedy recovery. 

Not to mention people have been so helpful. There are so many people who are inherently good, willing to help. Multiple people have offered to walk Gracie. I received a blessing from two gentlemen I know from the dog park, I know their wives, fellow dog moms as it were. Flowers, an edible arrangement, etc. I feel inspired to do and be better. To jump in and help when others are in need. Although, to be honest, it'll be awhile before I'll do any jumping. 

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