August 22, 2016

Little League World Series

I'm currently in the middle of my favorite activity of my postoperative days: resistance free stationary biking. 


Sideways picture alert! 

But the really great news is that not only can I see the pool outside, the Little League World Series is on ESPN. I was mourning the loss of the Olympics, but this is a nice way to ease slowly back to real life. Does Little League count as real life? I hope so. I aspire someday to be a healthy and happy baseball mom. If you ever want to do something fun, check out how many major leaguers (sic) played in the Little League World Series as kids. It's a bit crazy.  I'm not saying I want my kids to be major leaguers (again, six) necessarily, but I would never say no to free baseball tickets for life, you know? 

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