February 1, 2016

My Jokes are Falling on Deaf Ears

My car insurance went up by 400 dollars a year because I was upset while driving one day and got a speeding ticket because I was speeding. It's all very logical. (Side note, why are people always angry about getting speeding tickets? If you're speeding and you get a ticket for it, doesn't that just seem like, I don't know, a consequence for your actions?) 

When I texted looking for moral support, the response:

Shouldn't get mad and drive. 

My response? That's how Teancum died. 

If you, like everyone else, think HUH? Then turn to Alma 62: 35-36.

Get mad and DRIVE. Like a javelin get it?

If you still don't, feel free to call me and I will happily explain how funny I am to you. You can actually just do that anytime, because talking about how funny I am is one of my favorite pastimes. Am I joking? We'll probably never know. 


  1. I laughed out loud at this one. (Not the joke, I had to look that up to get it, chuckle chuckle), but the "call me and I will happily explain how funny I am to you". I love the determination to have people get the awesome joke. Totally been there.

  2. Should have followed it up with, "Tean-come on! If you don't get that joke, you're a real Captain Moron(i)."