January 31, 2016

Shhhhhhh....People are Coloring

My seven year old and I turn out to be kindred spirits. Today I was folding laundry in my room when he came in, made a spot in the bed and started coloring next to me. He said, "I was outside playing the iPad and it was just so noisy. I came in here because it's much more peaceful. Do you want to color with me?" And then he asked if we could make a sign for the door.

He told me we had to use whisper voices and that we should probably leave phones outside so we could keep it peaceful. I asked him if he wanted some music and he said yes. 

So for the next two hours we listened to classical music while we colored or worked or cleaned side by side in near silence. It was bliss. 


  1. This has inspired me to make a similar sign for my Library's Adult Coloring Program. Some discussion is welcome, but it's a COLORING Program.


    1. What a fun group. If I lived by your library, I'd totally join!