February 20, 2016


Tonight my dear friend Kelli called and we had a lengthy discussion about the ways my father in heaven lets me know how very aware of my circumstances he is. How two people will text to check in on me at the same time when I am struggling. How he tells Jessie to make me list one good thing about my day for each piece of candy I have binge eaten. How people are there for me when I need  them to be. How people feel prompted to help me with things I need, to ask me specific questions right when I need to hear their answer to my response. It's like a hug by a blanket that was just pulled out of the dryer. At the end of this very sincere and wonderful discussion, I realized that our conversation had gotten very real in a way I needed. And I realized, that's a perfect example of what we meant. She asked a question. She continued to probe further and then she asked a question I needed to answer. And then she helped me work through my emotions about the answer. And it dawned on me. Heavenly Father was taking care of me during the conversation where we were talking about him caring for me. And that's why I'm so grateful. This has been happening to me so frequently lately. I am so blessed and wrapped in caring arms, both literal and otherwise. 


  1. I think I read just about every single one of your posts. And posts like this one is why it's always worth it.

  2. Leez! I want to kees you! :) For real, though. Loves. I learned a lot, too, and I miss having real conversations like that on a regular basis. So, ya know, anytime you need to talk, just llamame.