May 23, 2011


Saturday, I did my first ever triathlon: the SG Tri at Sand Hollow Reservoir. Care for some photos? 

Maybe of us using a two bike rack and a towel to make a three bike rack?
 Or what about a somewhat staged finisher photo?
 Or one of me and the babe? (I love this bike).  
 Or of Kristen, Brooke and I after the race? 

To sum it all up, we'll leave it to some thank you notes.

Dear Open Water Swimming, 
Thanks for the unexpected first date that you and I just had with the backstroke. 

Dear Man at the Tri,
I thought your timing was amazing today. Kristen and I had just been talking about how amazing backstroking was at helping us not to drown, when you walked by and said, "He was doing the backstroke!" with such horror that we couldn't help laughing. Thanks for the laugh. I'll see you next tri, maybe even freestyling it. 
Liz (first timer)

Dear IT band,
Thanks for being there so silently for the last few years. I've kind of been ignoring you, to tell the truth. I guess you deserved some attention, and that's why you acted up today. I can't really blame you. 

And in answer to the question I've been asked multiple times: 
Yes. I would love to do it again. 

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