May 9, 2011

Things I Love Lately

Dear Profusely Bleeding Toe,
Thanks for not producing pain in proportion to your blood loss. That was a welcome surprise when I looked down to see you gushing.*

No Really, Google,
I couldn't do it without you. Thanks.

Dear Going to Bed In The Tens,
You are so rare that when you occur, I could maybe die* of happiness. That or sleep for eight hours straight (which is basically the same thing).

Dear Fox,
Thanks for being such an amazing word. When Aunt Connie called me one at that wedding, I got to thinking about what a great word you really are. You and your close cousin: vixen.

Dear Sundays,
I love you. I love the peace, the quiet, the calm. Thanks.

Dear Anyone Who Ever Calls Me Skinny,
Thanks. It's my favorite word.

Dear ER,
Thanks for being a place I can tell people I'm leaving at the end of the day. They always think I'm injured and/or dying, but really, I'm just done with clinical.

*slight (or severe) exaggeration may be noted

1 comment:

  1. Liz, I absolutely love you. You are great!