December 23, 2012

Why I'm Grateful for my Eyesight

I've been spoiled. 

I have.

I've never had glasses or contacts. 
I've woken up every single morning of my life with perfectly clear vision. 
I can read near and far without glasses. 

I didn't realize how awesome this was until last year. 
I wasted 26 years of my life not waking up every single day and thinking: 
I'm thankful for my crystal clear vision. 

But I am. 

And here's why
The other day I had an eye checkup. 
As part of the whole checkup, they dilated my eyes. 
And my vision got blurry
I couldn't read texts. 
I couldn't tell if that was or was not the girl I knew across the waiting room. 

But that wasn't the worst or even the scariest part. 
The scariest part was as the medication was easing it's way out of my eyes, I looked like this. 
Now, wouldn't it be distracting to me,
nurse practitioner that I am,
to try and look myself in the eyes without thinking:
"Hey, I have anisocoria." 

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