July 22, 2012

The Slightly Abridged Unpublished Blog Posts

The other day my friend M, did something that I'm gonna copy. She posted a bunch of drafts for posts that never got published. In an effort to clean out my posts, I will hereafter post my unposteds (with minor editing).

The Slightly Abridged Unpublished Blog Posts

This week I got my first smart phone. Lest you panic and think I actually paid for it myself, do not be alarmed. My dad got a free upgrade and i got his hand-me-down. It’s actually pretty legit and other than the fact that I keep unintentionally dialing people repeatedly, it has worked out really well for us. I think it has even convinced me to enter a relationship with Dragon dictation in my job in the medical world.

In other news, Jenn gave me about 14 pounds of salt water taffy

Today we had a lunch meeting. They provided lunch, but based on my gluten status, I took some carrots and hummus down to the meeting with me. Naturally, the group asked me what I was eating. I told them it was hummus. A doctor commented that his family buys their hummus at Costco, so it comes "in a 50 pound jar." I told them that I make my own hummus with taco seasoning (It's true. Thanks to Ms. Amanda. I'm happy to share the recipe if you shoot me an email). Said doctor stated, "I didn't know you were domestic."

Awesome. And by awesome, I mean not awesome.

Before I was so gainfully employed, Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I'd catch up on my favorite  sites. Two are web comics and one is full of thank you notes. I'm pleased to inform you that last night I got all caught up on everything I've missed in the last little while. In case, you need something to peruse: Doghouse Diaries is my favorite.

You’re welcome.

Dear Utah Air Quality,
Can you please knock it off? I have a love affair with my bike(s) and you're sort of getting in the way.
Love Liz.

PS I know, you didn't start the fire (so to speak), the lightening did. So I don't blame you, per se.

I think no failure is permanent as long as you keep on pushing. No setback means anything about your character as long as you don’t accept it as your destiny. –Eli McCann

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  1. So glad you adopted the tradition! It feels so good to clean out your drafts, doesn't it? Also, I'm a huge doghouse diaries fan too. They just have a way of putting things that is so funny and so true.