July 27, 2012

Some Days are Diamonds

My girl Kaitlin got married yesterday. She married another accountant and they're going to have stylish little accountant babies and I can't wait. Her wedding was gorgeous, as was she. 
Clintonclintonclintonclinton and Taeleen! 

The ladies who inspired that one boy to say that I had the best looking friends of anyone
he knows
It's true. I do. And they are.

And then...
While driving home, I saw some people, heard some music. 
Rolled my window down and heard this song. 
Oh my gosh. Band of Horses. I thought their concert wasn't til August!
I pulled over and parked.
Walked in and texted Sam. Since he introduced me to them, I figured he'd probably be there.
He was, and it was awesome.

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