May 29, 2012

Just As It Is

Do you ever have those moments that make you extremely excited to someday be the mother of teenage sons? This weekend I had one at the BYU baseball game. (Come to think of it, the majority of such moments in my life happen at baseball games, as I have high hopes of one day being an enthusiastic baseball mom). A group of young men with their fathers stood up wearing jerseys that said:

BYU Sports Camp 2012

I watched them walk by thinking about my awesome future. Me sending my tall sons off to sports camp with their dad while I catch up on my reading and housework. Or maybe take my daughters shopping.

I can only hope that my sons will do something as awesome as:


 Fathers and Sons Kickball on the BYU softball diamond at Miller Field.
Yes,  it was glorious.

One of those moments where you just sit back all calm and enjoy life..
just as it is.

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