September 21, 2011


Not as in the race, as in, I'm pretty sure I have one. 
It's like this. Once on the way home from St. George, 
after my tri and subsequent IT band issues,
I run out of ibuprofen, 
which is bad because my body/knees is/are not happy about running
so I buy some aspirin at a gas station because it is cheaper than ibuprofen
I have this bottle of aspirin in my cupboard
and when I unexpectedly and regularly start getting headaches,
I start taking the aspirin every now and again. Not like 
a million times a day or anything, 
just when I get headaches and such.
and then one morning I wake up with
gnawing epigastric pain
Maybe I'm imagining that it's gnawing because 
that's what it says in my textbooks,
but it sure feels like gnawing
and it only happens right in the morning
and when my stomach is empty. 
nausea like more than the usual 
Liz has a stressed out finicky stomach amount.

So, yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm dying. 
That or I have hypochondria.

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