August 23, 2011


Sometimes rejection isn't quite what it seems to be. The other day as I was packing to move, I came across this letter (personal information has been removed to protect the innocent):

It may come as a surprise based on the content of the letter, specifically the first paragraph, but I was accepted into this program a few weeks after I received this in the mail; I graduated last August. So I got to thinking. What if I had just given up hope the day I got the letter? What if I had thrown in the towel and given up on grad school?  Sometimes rejection isn't as bad as we think it is. Sometimes our plans work out even if they take a bit of a winding road, and sometimes our plans totally don't work out because God has another route for us to take. But no matter how it happens, life always works out, cause He's on our team when we're on His, and that's pretty awesome.

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