July 19, 2015

Real Life Conversations With a Six-year-old

Dad: Sorry bud, we have to go home early because Liz is feeling sick. 

Little man: That's okay because if you need to throw up you can just throw up on the road, remember? (Fun aside, I did remember! Throwing up on the side of the freeway is the best!). 

Me: That's not very nice bud to make me throw up on the road. 

Dad: When people are sick they want to go home and lay down and not throw up on the road. 

Little man's cousin: So we're going home? 

Little man : Yeah because it's not nice to make someone throw up on the road because it could get on other people's tires, and that would be gross. 

So, obviously we're making a lot of progress in the empathy department, thanks for asking. 

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