July 18, 2015

Matt Matt

I was walking home from campus one summer evening while Cate was away at camp. I saw Matt, her long-time boyfriend coming up the stairs. Matt was awesome. I knew it because Cate had told me about him. His liberal thinking and his wit. The way she had gone out with him even though her roommate was crushing because when it's love, it's love.  He once made perhaps the wittiest joke I'd ever heard in an email and it involved iPods and Lite Brites.

But that night he and I sat on the stairs and talked until he irrevocably had my blessing to marry her. Not that he really needed it, but it sure didn't hurt. We went to exchange numbers at the end of our chat in case we needed to get in touch while Cate was away for the summer. 
"Looks like she already gave me your number. Look, 'Matt Cate,'" I said. And in a sincerity that altogether describes why he still gets the 6 best husbands my best friends have ever found award, he said, "Don't you think that I can be known just for being Matt now?" And so he became Matt Matt, a term which I accidentally googled today as I was headed to those very same steps at BYU at the same time of evening. So Cate and Matt, here is a shout out for being such a great match, for figuring out how to do law school when law school was hard, and for all in all being as we called it then, "super fabulous awesome great."


  1. I was just talking with me friend Julie last night how I made so many stupid decisions at that age but I just lucked out that Mattmatt simply wasn't one of them. It's like all my good decisions culminated into him and then a lot of it just didn't matter so much...

    Someone once told me that marriage was sooooo hard but sooooo worth it. I've found that it's life that is sooooo hard and marriage is affected by that. Enough from Cate's book-o-wisdom, thanks for the shout out! He still makes me laugh everyday and even more on days he can see I need it.

    1. *my* friend Julie that is;) No more blog commenting with my phone I guess...