January 6, 2013


Call me crazy, but I wish we did Lent.
Lent is a six week ritual beginning on Ash Wednesday and ending on Black Saturday (the day after Good Friday and before Easter Sunday). As I interpret Lent, It gives us the chance to give up something: a vice, a bad habit, something that is holding us back from who we want to become. This is done safely, carefully, with the knowledge that if we want to pick it up again on Easter, we're allowed to do so.

But the funny thing is, once you've done something for six weeks, it's practically a habit. Last year I swore off calling myself fat and after six weeks of that, I thought, why would I ever go back to the way it was before? 

And so I ask, what would you give up for Lenten fast?
What would you do to be better by March 30th than you are today?

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