November 10, 2012

Sometimes real life is my favorite part of life.

Once Upon a Time This Series of Texts Actually Happened

Me: Hey were' going to the hot tub at Raintree in 15 minutes if you want to come.

Haha who is this?

Me. Liz. I stalked your number from [......]

I think you have the wrong number.

Me: Oh man. That's awkward

Don't worry about it ;) Unless you're looking for Jordan

Me: Only if Jordan's cute. Lol.*

Well, I'm 21, I have dark blue eyes, brown, hair, I'm 5'11" and have a lean build. Haha.

Me: Well sounds like we're basically twins, but i'm 26 :) oops

Well, good luck getting in touch with whoever it is you were looking for, and have fun hot tubbing!

*Yes, I did say Lol. Nobody's perfect


  1. haha! your male twin sounds like a catch. forget age and go for it. ;)

  2. Sometimes I love it when I'm present for these priceless moments. :)