November 28, 2012

Lunchtime Meetings Downtown and Such

Picture this.

I'm running late (hard to imagine, I know). I'm rushing through a courtyard carrying the outfit I need to be wearing for my meeting 5 minutes from now.

I stop a security guard: "I might sound like an idiot, but I can't find the entrance to the ------ building.:

In a Scottish accent: "You don't sound like an idiot. You sound like an American."

He tells me how to get into the building. I pray that there will be an empty elevator. There isn't. Luckily I share with a nice lady.

Me: Do you care if I change my shirt really quickly?
Her: No. That's fine.
Me: Great. Thanks. I also work for ------- so we're probably going to run into each other at some point in the future and you're going to think, 'Oh my gosh, it's the girl who changed in the elevator."

She laughs and gets off the elevator.

I arrive to my meeting at

Worth it.


  1. This is awesome. Also, your secrecy about said place makes me quite curious.

  2. This story made my day! Go Liz Go!