August 7, 2012

Girl Shoes, Saltwater Sandals, etc...

Friday night at the Rooftop Concert, my friend Garrett and I saw an androgynous little girl boy. He had adorable curly hair and was wearing a jumper with saltwater sandals. Garrett said it was a boy because the jumper wasn't cute enough for a girl. I said it was a girl because of the girly shoes he was wearing. 
Me: They're totally girl shoes!
Garrett: I had those shoes when I was little.
(awkward pause)
Me: Oh.

After much deliberation, it was decided that he was indeed a boy.
At which point, this happened:
 Do you see that? This girl walked by wearing the exact same sandals. 
Coincidence? I think not. 


  1. Saltwater sandals are unisex.

    Your friend is right, they are total classics... He must have been a classy kid.

    Have you seen the sandals they sell for boys these days? Put your kid in the so called 'Sport sandals' that are around and they'll end up looking like a German backpacker. Shove mini flip flops on their developing feet and deform them for life. That's cool.

    Or even worse, you could put your kid in crocs...


    Please kill me before I ever consider committing such a style crime against my offspring.

  2. lady's ,men , girls and boys in all ages can wear them !
    No more flip flops and sport-sandals.
    All boys and girls should also wear them for school .