August 31, 2012

Extra Long Skinny Jeans

Dear American Eagle Online,
Thanks for having that 30% off/free shipping sale on your jeans and for having extra-longs in stock. As we know, purchasing extra long jeans is sort of like selling your soul, but harder. I'm looking forward to the 11 (yes, eleven) pairs of jeans being shipped my way. And I guess I'll see your counterpart, the *actual store,* sometime next week with about 8 pairs of jeans to return once I decide which ones I actually like. :)
Your Long-Legged Friend, Liz

1 comment:

  1. dear liz,

    i bought two pairs of skinnies from the american eagle store about a month ago and wore one, but kept the other as i debated if i wanted to keep or return it.

    ...i'm looking at it now as i type this.

    i did not know about the 30% off/free shipping sale and i am inquiring if you know if it's still going on...? and either way i decided i want a different color so i think we should go skinny jean shopping sometime. very soon. very very. soon.

    your long (but not as long as yours) (but still long)-legged friend,