April 10, 2012

Happy Easter

Had a great Easter weekend. I'm pleased to inform you that I still hit about 1 or 2 clay pigeons for every 5 I shoot at. Should I be excited or embarrassed? You decide.

Check out these eggs I made:
Deathly hallows for James, and remember how it's baseball season?!

And look what was in my Easter basket.

Yes, that's right. Easter Bunny apron. Win.


  1. Hahaha LOVE the apron! P.S. When you I saw you at the temple last week one of the other workers asked if you were my sister. We still got it!

  2. Ha! I love the apron. Classic. Sounds like it was a good weekend. ps. I like Rob.

  3. Is there a way I can stalk this young man?