November 11, 2011

Stat Biking

I love biking outside in the sunshine, and
I try to keep biking outdoors even during the winters in Utah,
but sometimes it gets too cold to handle, and
I resort to stationary biking at the gym.

When I record my stationary rides in my workout log,
I call it stat biking. It makes me feel more hardcore.

In the past I've complained. At least one time I even said that
stationary biking sucks the soul out of my body.
Maybe I was being melodramatic. Maybe I wasn't. Your call.

But it turns out, I was wrong. (Sometimes it happens).

Where else in the world can I justify listening to the
same 1-2 songs on repeat on my iPod for something like an hour
while I read all the books I've been wanting to read during
the months I was spending my time biking outside in my Spandex?
Turns out stat biking rocks. So that's cool.

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