July 24, 2011

Media Fast

So, Lent, right?
You give up something you love for 40 days.
You give it up so you can give yourself to God.
That's the Liz interpretation at least.

Yes, I know it's not Lenten time.
It's not even close to Spring,
but I want to try a mini-Lent,
an abandonment of sorts.

No media for a week.
(Technically six days).

No Facebook.
No movies.
No TV.
No iPod.
No music in the car.
No baseball on TV.
No thx.
No Pandora.
No Google reader.
Not a bit.
For one week.

Only emails and things for school.
(Although if I'm honest with myself,
I'd like a lifetime Lent from school.
In fact, I think I'll take one after December 16,
but that's neither here nor there).

Will it be grueling and taxing and horrible?
Maybe, maybe not.
I'm currently rocking a lifelong abandonment of gluten.
And I'm pretty sure that Red Vines licorice is
better than Facebook ever was, is, will be.

Bring it on.
 (or maybe, better stated)
Turn it off.


  1. I thought there was wheat flour in red vines?

    And very cool. Mini, Regular, or Grande Lent's are almost always a good idea. :)