June 14, 2011


Tomorrow I'm headed out with my good brother James to California. In honor of the trip I searched my iTunes for songs with California in the Title. They included:

California Girls by The Beach Boys

California by Copeland

California by Jordan Faux

California by Josh Ritter

New York to California by Mat Kearney

(All good songs)

I was originally going to post a line from each of the songs, but then on one of the lyrics sites was an ad for the new Owl City CD: All Things Bright and Beautiful.

And it came out TODAY! And I didn't even know about it until TODAY! And I am going on a road trip to California tomorrow armed with musical listening possibilities that include a new Owl City AND a new Death Cab for Cutie CD. Hello, happiness. Or, should I say, Hello, California? They are the same.

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