February 1, 2011


Where has the word VERVE been my entire life? 

I was reading up on The Shins during a recent study avoidance session with pandora.com. The article described their version of We Will Become Silouettes (originally performed by Postal Service and one of my favorite songs of all time) as having "typical ramshackle verve."  I immediately google defined both "ramshackle" and "verve" (although for the purposes of this post, I'm going to focus on verve).

Vitality: an energetic style

Excitement of imagination such as animates a poet, artist, or musician, in composing or performing; artistic energy and enthusiasm; vigour, vitality and liveliness; rapture, enthusiasm; spirit, energy

Ah, yes. It's what happens two blocks from my house every time I get back on my bike. It's that feeling at the top of a long, hard climb. It's that feeling when I've found the perfect song to listen to while riding a long down hill stretch. Push pull push pull push pull.  


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  1. I remember when you found this word. And curiouser, I've been thinking of myself in those terms for the last couple months. Just past Sunday I was thinking the reason some people respond well to me must be my verve.
    (Cuz they can't see my gams of course.)