February 18, 2011

The Last Few Weeks in Gratitude Form

Dear Nutella,
Thank you for being made with skim milk. You are one of the most fattening, delicious foods I have ever eaten, and at least we know you're trying. Me too. Keep up the good work.                           
Love,         Liz
Dear Biceps,
Thank you for your recent growth. It's nice to see you finally measuring up to the way I talk about you.
Love,         Liz
Dear Science Fiction Books,
Thank you for the way that when I explain your plots to those around me, I feel like a completely crazy person.
Love,         Liz

Dear Nail Polish,
Thank you for being one of the most inexpensive, expressive ways for me to display my personality. 
Love,         Liz
Dear Chex Cereal,
Thank you for being totally and completely, naturally gluten free.
Love,         Liz
Dear Days When It's Warm Enough to Walk Outside in a Short-Sleeved Dress,
The more I see of you, the better. Thanks for showing your face so early this year.

Love,         Liz

Dear Mountains,
Thanks for the beautiful view as I drove back on 1-215 today. I love living literally 5 minutes from you.

Love,         Liz

Dear Times I Cry Excessively for Very Short Periods of Time,
I love you and the way you let me get on with my life so quickly. Thanks for your efficiency.
Love,         Liz

Dear Hard Work,
Thank you for making my sleep so delicious. 
Love,         Liz
Dear Strawberry Jam, 
Thanks for falling directly off my toast onto the paper towel I made you on instead of onto the carpet below me. The delightful whimsy of such circumstances is a welcome start to my morning. 
Love,         Liz

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