October 20, 2016

On Sleep

I'm a strong advocate for sleep. I'm pro naps. I still have a sign in my room that says "I like you and naps." So when I was 20 and Carlos told me he wished he didn't have to sleep because he would get so much more done, I respectfully disagreed. I love sleep. I love taking a break from consciousness. In college, when studying was overwhelming, John Burton said you could do one of three things 1) take a nap 2) go for a run 3) drink a diet coke. That has become a bit of a life mantra for me, although go for a run was eventually replaced with going on a bike ride. 

Tonight I had a fleeting glimpse of what Carlos meant when I had to put down my copy of China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan. It's the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians, which if you haven't read, you ought to. I literally thought, "Man, I wish I could already be awake so I could keep reading this." 


I guess he had a point, didn't he? 

I'm still going to bed. 

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