June 11, 2014

On (Not) Wearing Heels

Today (post op day 29) I sent this picture to Mr. S with the caption: I can't wait til I can wear these again.

Not the purple capris but the patent red heels. I'm wearing the purple capris as I type. 

See, the things about hip surgery is that wearing heels has become literally impossible for me, which is really a shame because I'm five ten, and I really need to wear heels to feel like I'm TALL enough. It's possible that most of everything I just said is a total lie, but what isn't a lie is the following. At PT yesterday I found out that my hip flexor is more inflamed than the average attractive 20-something year old female who's had this surgery, which means they put me on a steroid to kick the inflammation and stopped all my PT other than 2 days a week of pool PT, which I am so glad I get to keep because pool therapy turns out to be my current favorite activity. Walking back and forth and side to side while watching people do the butterfly is probably better than anything else ever. I know you think I'm kidding, but I'm not. I write my pool workouts in my workout log, which makes me feel ripped and awesome. They're also letting me do some stretching and bridge poses, and other than that, it's laying in bed on ice checking dozens of books (both audio and otherwise) off of my good reads list. 

Needless to say if you feel like praying for my hip flexor, my gams and I and my heels probably wouldn't even mind. I might even give you some good book recommendations in exchange. 

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  1. I'll pray for your hip flexor but I expect you will continue to give me good book recommendations regardless. I would think we have an understanding like that. Also, am curious what all this leg surgery stuff is about. Hope it is nothing serious beyond rehabilitating some sort of bad @$$ biking injury? If I am on track, I think that means there needs to be more swimming in your life;)