April 8, 2014

April 7 Stream of Consciousness

Do you ever go through months at a time where you don't really feel like writing in your journal and then suddenly you can't stop writing, sometimes at the rate of multiple entries per day? The other night I was having some insomnia and I remembered that line from Billy Collins

And when my heart is beating
too rapidly in the dark,
I will go downstairs in a robe,
open it up to a blank page,
and try to settle on the blue lines
whatever it is that seems to be the matter.

It probably doesn't help that I recently started reading the collected poems of Dylan Thomas. I can't help but feel a little sad that I read "Do Not Go Gentle" and thought the whole thing would be just as life-changing when it turns out that I basically can't understand anything else in the entire book. Needless to say, I'm reading it with a yellow crayon and highlighting the few phrases that impact me. What is it about reading with a writing utinsil in hand that makes me feel like a poet?

I'm heading on a trip soon and I just really need a fantastic book to read during my (get this) 2 layovers. Sometimes when you don't plan ahead and you don't want to pay $1200 in airfare, you just have to suck it up and get some really good airport literature.

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