June 6, 2013

I thought I was sick of reading, but it turns out I just needed to read some sci-fi.

engaging, imaginative, exciting, intelligent etc.
I re-read it in preparation for the movie
I'm not much for movies
but I'll probably go and see this one in the theater
I may even camp out and go to the midnight showing
if I can get el James to come along

Here's the thing about Ender's Game.
I was still just as blown away by how utterly brilliant
Ender Wiggin is/was (would he still be alive?)
I still can't get over
the enemy's gate is down
or the way they use each other's bodies as shields

I used to hate the end. I thought it was a cop-out.
But yesterday as I finished the book again,
I realized that the book is perfect.
The only thing that would make it better is if
I could be just as surprised this time as I was
the first time by what was actually happening there at the end.

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