September 29, 2012


So I went to Chicago last weekend with my girl Sarah and her sister Naomi. 
Ask me if it was awesome. 
Yes it was. Thank you for asking. 
Here, free of charge, are some photos.
 Elevator in the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower.
 The essential foot shot. It's fine, I'm wearing Chacos. Please don't judge. Sometimes I do that, but only when I travel (or bike long distances in street clothes). 
And cell phones. 
 The bean.
 I seriously underestimated how awesome this thing was.
 What's not to love about taking 450 pictures of yourself in a gigantic mirrored surface called Cloud Gate?
 I can't think of one thing.
 Also, I was cheering for the Cards that day. So that's awesomekward. 
But my boy Matt got a great hit. And also Chris Carpenter pitched, so that's fun. 
Wore my mustard yellow flats into the ground.  
(Boot free since September 15th).
 Surprisingly similar to the top of the Salt Lake LDS Temple, eh?
Also of note, it turns out that Loyola and Loyola Marymount are not the same school. 

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  1. I LOVE Chicago. Also, as I was reading this Mark asked me whose blog this was. I told him it was yours and he said "oh yeah. the vagabond for whatever?" You see, he was guessing the title of your blog.

    Nailed it! Any by nailed it, of course, I mean not even close. :)