January 14, 2011


Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine on Gchat. I was bragging about my arms. I had just finished lifting, and sometimes I do that. Unnamed friend asked me if my arms were my favorite feature. Without even thinking about it, I said, "No," and started listing the things about myself I like better than my arms. There are maybe hundreds, but let's just list a couple, for sake of time.
My wingspan, for example. Although, I guess that does include my arms. It's 73.75 inches to be exact. You know how they say your wingspan is supposed to be the same as your height? I'm 70.5 inches tall, so you do the math.  Michael Phelps has nothing on me, except amazing speed, deltoids, and testosterone, but I digress.
Also, my long fingers. I almost didn't list them because we don't want people thinking I have Marfan Syndrome, do we? (Don't worry, it's been suggested).
But all of this is superfluous. We all know that my real favorite part of my body is my legs. Specifically, their lengthy, ropy quality. They are the reason I wear Rock and Republic jeans. With a standard 36-inch inseam, Rocks help me work the extra length to my advantage.
I've had many discussions with just about everyone about the length of my femurs and the time my anthropology major roommate Marci saw my DEXA scan and said, "Wow! If I saw your skeleton, I'd probably think it was a boy because your femurs are so long." I considered it to be a great compliment. And apparently, it's a recurring theme in my life. In fact, just yesterday, my friend told me that his first impression of me was (and I quote), "Wow. This is one leggy girl." First impression?! YES! Up until that moment, I thought that most people seriously underestimated my leg length. Usually until the moment they see my bike on the trainer and try to ride it.

(I am in serious need of a bike wash, thanks to my last outdoor ride and the subsequent biking through a construction zone. I know. I'm just too wimpy since it's about 24 degrees outside).

It inevitably follows, "Wow. Your legs are REALLY long." Yes they are. Thank you, very much. I'd like to submit the following photo that I came across, conveniently, last night.

That's me with my boy John. Thank you, Mom for the beginnings of my fascination with sunglasses. Those look absolutely amazing. Thank you for your excellent taste. Also, the sparkly jelly shoes. Great job, mom. Absolutely brilliant. But that's beside the point.

Check out those gams.


  1. When my niece was just learning how to talk I sat her on my lap and started to point to various g-rated body parts and say what each one was called. "Eyes", "ears", "nose", "hands", etc. For some reason her parents were mortified when I got to "thunder thighs".

    You, on the other hand, I can say with confidence, do not have thunder thighs.

  2. I totally agree with the bike seat. I tried to get on the exercise bike after you had raised the seat...so couldn't.
    Side note. Pattern drawings show models with longer than normal legs so they look better.
    God just gave you great legs!